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  • Targeted readership.
  • Readership that buys a lot of products.
  • intelligent publication.
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OS News Sections

  • Feature stories (Updated weekly)
  • Daily News (Updated continuously)
  • Developer Information (with threaded discussion forum)
  • General Discussion Roundtable
  • Opinion/Editorial (with threaded discussion forum)
  • OS Information Archives
  • Interface Design/Screenshots
  • Software Reviews
  • Hardware Reviews

Specific Advertising Demographic:

Alternative OS Users/Aficionados

  • Java developers
  • Windows NT power users
  • Corporate Network Administrators
  • Technology early adopters

Macintosh Power Users

  • Graphics professionals
  • Web content creation professionals
  • Music/Video/Animation production professionals
  • Apple technology early adopters
  • Macintosh fanatics of all sorts
UNIX Workstation/server users

  • UNIX network administrators
  • Web server administrators
  • Graphics professionals
  • Music/Video/Animation production professionals
  • UNIX fanatics of all sorts

Next/Openstep users and developers

Software Developers

  • Windows, Mac, and UNIX developers interested in object oriented development
  • Mac developers interested in Rhapsody
  • Java developers
  • Be developers

Though the list is long, there is a lot of overlap, lending to a tight demographic. Moreover, the OS News reader is typically a person whose livelihood depends on robust, stable, and most of all, fast computing. This is the segment of the market that buys the most and most expensive hardware and software, upgrades their hardware the most often, and is most interested in knowing about and owning cutting edge technology. When a faster computer can cut your rendering time down from eight hours to three hours, money spent on hardware or time spent learning new software is worth it. These are the people who read OS News.

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