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10 April 1998

In followup to wednesday's NPR radio segment on Linux, there is a discussion forum at NPR's web site to discuss the show and Linux. Some very positive things have been posted about both Liunx and NPR. Several people noted some similarities between the two: they are both user supported, and they are both of uncommonly high quality even though their competition is louder and better funded.

In followup to yesterday's posting of a PC Week week article suggesting that Sun and HP will kiss and make up over the Java issue, an Info World article claims that though the two companies are in negotiation, it's not all roses.

An ABC News article is reporting a harrowing possibility: Microsoft, as part of a massive public relations campaign to bolster its sagging image in light of the DoJ investigation, may be penning phoney editorials and letters to the editor to fake public support for the company and its goals.

Apple followers have been going crazy over the past few months as Apple's Rhapsody, Mac OS and NC plans have been the subject of wild rumor but the the company has been tight lipped about its official plans. The wait may soon be over as Apple has announced that it will make its plans public at next month's World Wide Developer's Conference.

Info World has an interview with Linus Torvalds, discussing Open Source Software's newfound popularity.

PBS's Robert Cringely discusses National Semiconductor's PC-on-a-chip, the Windows monopoly and how it props up the cost of a PC, the unfortunate unlikelihood of Netscape and Linux unseating NT in the near future, and this sad assertion: "In fact, there is no alternate operating system that threatens Microsoft. The only thing that does threaten Microsoft, and threatens it deeply, causing Gates to lose plenty of sleep, are devices that don't require an operating system at all."

Speaking of which, Microsoft is flexing its monopolistic muscle by bribing small ISPs to migrate its customers to Internet Explorer by offering them free copies of the very-expensive Microsoft Windows NT Server operating system.

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