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10 July 1998

SCO, a leading Unix-on-Intel vendor, is reporting that its net income and sales will be lower than expected, causing its stock to tumble. SCO blamed its slump on a big deal in India falling through, not competition with Microsoft.

Windows 98 problems continue to plague many users trying to upgrade, reports news.com. PC vendors are having a hard time dealing with the upgrade too.

According to an Internet Week article, IBM and Sun are taeming up to give java a boost by taking the standard way that a Java program calls a Java object on a network and build support for it into the Internet Inter-Orb Protocol.

A TechWeb article covers a sneek peek at Rebol, a new object-oriented programming language, at an Amiga conference in Sacramento. Using Rebol, "a programmer doesn't have to deal with any networking protocols, socket layers, or communications commands. It makes telling an application to send a file as simple as using a "send" command." Developed by Carl Sassenrath, a former programmer with Apple and Commodore, who wrote the kernel of the Amiga operating system, A Rebol kernel is planned for Amiga, BeOS, BSD Unix, Linux, Macintosh, Psion, Solaris, other Unix variants and Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT.

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