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10 June 1998

The daily news is back, after a short hiatus. Sorry to keep you waiting.

A Macosrumors reader did a little math and has calculated that it will not be possible for Microsoft to produce a bug free Windows NT 5.0 operating system on the timeframe that they are currently announcing. In short, NT 5.0 should have a about 25,000 bugs, at a rate of two fixed per month. Time will tell.

On the other hand, an NT 5.0 beta was just released. A news.com article announces the release, but casts doubt upon the expected release date, citing Microsoft's penchant for vaporware.

Slashdot.org reported that a reader bought a PC from Dell with no operating system installed. The best part is that they also took $100 off the price. On the other hand, also on Slashdot, the results of a survey asking PC manufacturers if they would sell a PC without Windows preinstalled. None would. Including Dell. Hmmm.

A Philadelphia Inquirer story covers the slow start that Network Computers are getting, but notes that small advances are being made, such as the adoption of the NC for the airline industry.

More NC news: Sun Microsystems announced that Hitachi will be using JavaOS for its new line of set top boxes. This is a big first for Java. Though it has been announced as a player in the set top box arena before, this is the first time Java will be used exclusively.

News.com finished its "Project Heresy" in which it experimented with using a Linux only for a month, to see how it goes. They decided to extend their test over the next six months or so, and keep their listeners posted.

An Infoworld article reprots on Linux' ever-increasing presence in the enterprise.

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