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11 June 1998

Shortly after it winds down its Windows 98 release hype, Microsoft plans to crank up the marketing engine for Windows NT 5.0. Despite the fact that industry analysts doubt that NT 5.0 wil be released on the announced timeframe, and that many doubt that the product will be bug free in its first incarnation, Microsoft will be pushing key companies to deploy 5.0 immediately after its release.

If you'd like to get the warm fuzzies about the Win 98 release, a TechWeb article talks all about it.

Ralph Nader and his organization is pressuring IBM to release OS/2 and its source code, thereby opening the door for an alternative to Windows in the consumer sphere. Currently, if IBM customers want OS/2, they must purchase a PC with Windows preinstalled (and paid for), then pay $199 for OS/2, then intstall it themselves.

Nader also wrote a followup letter to Dell Computer, which addresses the issue we brought up yesterday. Although they previously claimed that they will sell a PC with no preinstalled OS, individual customers were not successful in ordering one. Apparently, only large orders will be given this special treatment.

An Info World article quotes analysts at Giga World who recommend "skipping" Windows NT 5.0 because it will probably be too buggy to use. Wait for the next version, they say.

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