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11 March 1998

Apple and Microsoft announced they will be working together to produce a single virtual Java machine. Both companies claim this will meet Sun's requirements for a virtual Java machine. However, this is somewhat puzzling since they will be incorporating some of Microsoft's non-standard J/Direct syntax--precisely the sort of thing that has been angering Sun lately. MacOSRumors reports the announcement was received with mixed feelings in the developer community. While such a machine based on Apple's Mac OS Runtime for Java will provide more agreement between platforms and potentially more stability, some question Microsoft's motives.

On a similar note, at Internet World the 11,000 member Java Lobby declared war on Microsoft for it's lack of support of the Java platform. Lobby president Rick Ross said the Java Lobby must "abandon all hope that Microsoft will cease their antagonism to Java and to us, the community of Java developers and supporters."

Intel is finally getting around to making a less energy-hungry Pentium II chip. Release is scheduled for April.

Be Dope has an "informative" article on evolutionary theory as it relates to computers. Read more about the new mammal, maniacus gatesbigegous.

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