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11 May 1998

Today is the first day of Apple's World Wide Developer Conference, where Rhapsody DR2 is slated to be released, and Apple's OS and software strategy will be made clear. In Steve Jobs' opening keynote, they announced their plans for the new Apple operating system, code named Rhapsody.

Your Mileage May Vary is reporting on the recent survey that Microsoft conducted in which, surprise!, people surveyed overwhelmingly thought that any delay of Windows 98 would be a bad thing. YMMV obtained a copy of the transcript of the survey and discovered that leading questions and a false premise were the order of the day.

A Wired News article covers one security analyst's crusade to re-examine Windows NT's security rating, which, he believes, poses a great risk to national security, since Microsoft has targeted the defense department and other sensitive departments where security is a great concern. As in other large organizations, there is a move to replace existing systems with NT in the government. The C2 security rating that Windows NT obtained only applies to the now-obsolete 3.5 version and only if the machine is not connected to any network.

A ZDNN article asks "What if Wintel Fell?" Java, Linux, Apple's new OS, Unix, AOL, Hotmail, and other tidbits all play a part in this fanciful look at a possible future.

A Wired News article covers Corel's Linux NC strategy.

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