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11 November 1997

The much-hyped Apple press conference turned out to not have many surprizes. The rumors of Apple announcing a merger with Oracle or a deal with Lucent were alas not true. Nevertheless, those deals, primarily dealing with Apple's NC plans, could very well still be in developmental stages. What was announced are some exciting G3 PowerPC desktops and a laptop, and a new build-to-order direct sales program.

Sun's response to allegations that they optimized Solaris code to run Java faster was "well, duh." They say that of course they would do everything they can to make Java run fast on their systems, and that Microsoft has done the same.

In response to our editorial The Computer my Mom Needs, we received a lot of helpful suggestions. We will soon be posting a followup exploring some of the options that OS News readers suggested. One of the more interesting suggestions was "use DOS". There is a web browser called Arachne that provides full graphical web browsing capabilities in a DOS environment. We'll check it out.

Along that same vein, a reader pointed out an OS/productivity suite called New Deal, a descendent of GeoWorks Ensemble, which was released at the same time as Windows 3.1. A Pathfinder article gives a very favorable review of the small, fast, and useful OS.

An organization called The Java Lobby is promoting a Free Java-based OS called JOS.

Techweb recently published an article extolling the virtues of OS/2 as an intranet server platform. The "Rock Solid and Dirt Cheap" OS proves to be much less expensive and more reliable than Windows NT, and as stable and scalable as UNIX without the "scary" interface.

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