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12 January 1998

Careful all you Windows 95/NT users! Wired News is reporting that Bonk, a denial of service attack similar to the earlier-reported teardrop attack, will crash any Windows machine connected to the net via TCP/IP. In the article, one analyst gives his solution to the problem: run Linux.

There's a little confusion over whether TCI Cable's set top boxes will run Sun's PersonalJava or Microsoft's Windows CE. Apparently each company has announced that their OS will be used. Microsoft announced it more recently, so it appears that they ousted Sun in the deal, a blow to the Java platform, certainly.

If you don't know what the difference between Java and PersonalJava is, Wired News has a brief article explaining PJava's features. (It's a subset of Java that is licensed to developers so it can be embedded in their devices, like set top boxes and phones.)

If Intel and Microsoft have their way, they'll soon be telling people where they want to go today, via Automotive PCs.

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