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12 November 1997

Nicholas Petreley from NC World has an interesting article containing two predictions about where Java and the Java-based NC will be five years from now. The first, that Microsoft will fail in its efforts to stop the adoption of a platform-neutral Java because it will be forced to change its business mode from one based on the quality of its lawyers to one based on the quality of its products. The second, until this change in marketing model occurs, Microsoft will continue to add more vendors (and unfortunately, customers) to its enemies list.

MacWeek news reports mostly positive reactions to Apple's "Event" on Monday. Analysts predict the new speedy G3 computers will sell well and the new on-line store is a "baby step" that is likely to suceed due to the standard plug-in models being offered.

MacOS Rumors reports the Rhapsody Developer Release 1.0 for Intel machines has started to arrive. Reactions have been good; comatibility between Rhapsody for PowerPC and for Intel has been good.

The Be OS Preview Release 2 is now available for download. You can also purchase the CD for $9.95, but this OS is only 9 megs, so even if you ony have a 28.8 modem, you could get it. This release is for Power PC machines only, sorry. The Intel version should be out soon.

It sounds like there may have been a little more involved in the Sun Java benchmarks scandal (see the Nov 6 news). They are now admitting fault, reports C/Net.

IBM will be offering a Java-based NC strategy for businesses next year, reports Tech Web.

In Notes from an Amateur Rhapsody Developer, another novice programmer is amazed to find out how easy Rhapsody's object-oriented software development is.

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