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13 April 1998

Silicon Graphics will soon be abandoning the MIPS chip. Following their widely-publicized decision to start producing Wintel workstations, they are scaling back their plans for Irix on MIPS, apparently planning to support existing Unix customers as long as possible, while conserving resources for the switch to NT/Intel.

Feed has an interesting article on why Microsoft is so scared that Harvard law school internet specialist Larry Lessig be appointed as "special master" in the DoJ antitrust investigation.

Info World has published the text of an industry proposal to the US government on how to handle the Microsoft issue. Some suggestions: Separate the Applications Business Units from the Operating Systems Units. Prohibit the Crippling of Competing Products. Permit OEMs to Interrupt the "Boot-Up Sequence.

NC World has a refreshing article arguing that the "new Unix" is going to give Windows NT a run for its money. The Unix-based internet and the proliferation of both free and commercial Unix-on-Intel implementations could very well derail Microsoft's overly ambitious Windows NT plans. The article defends its claims that the NT plan is overly ambitious by meticulously documenting NT's shortcomings when compared to Free Unices like Linux.

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