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13 January 1998

At the consumer electronics trade show in Las Vegas, it was mostly cool TVs and DVD making the big appearance, but a small company called Interlogis was showing a technology that allows computers to be networked over standard electrical wiring. Whether this technology is similar to what the electrical industry is researching for high speed internet access, we don't know.

RhapsodyOS.com is taking over the Rhapsody applications list and list of known Rhapsody features from MacOSRumors. MacOSRumors will continue to deliver a steady stream of rumors for Mac and Rhapsody fans.

A Wired News article clarifies the Java/TCI/Windows CE set top box announcements that were so confusing. It seems that the boxes will run Java and Windows CE.

In his speech at the consumer electronics trade show, Bill Gates announced that Windows CE will be an important part in the new computer age.

"I don't believe the personal computer will be the only machine of the information age," Gates said. "I think there are going to be a variety of form factors. We're going to see quite a number of devices that tie together with the PC."

Sun Microsystems is combining its Solaris and Solstice divisions, allowing the easy integration of the Solaris operating system with Solstice's network management tools.

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