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13 November

Yahoo! Finance reports that, the popular on-line bookstore, will begin trading its shares publicly on the American Stock Exchange next Wednesday, 19 November. While Amazon isn't completely in the black (yet), it is a remarkable example of the possibilities of on-line shopping.

In response to the torrent of feedback we've received since our launch, we've posted an overview of where OS News is headed editorially, an explanation of why there is such a focus on Rhapsody/Apple at this time, and a general call for submissions from readers.

The first article of our regular Linux column is now posted in our features section. It's an introduction to Linux and to our column.

Evidence is mounting that the sounds-too-good-to-be-true COS operating system reportedly being developed by the German firm, Omega, is indeed a hoax, or at least vaporware. Today the COS OS was supposed to be released for download, but alas, posted on their web site this morning was, "We are very sorry that we are unable to deliver the COS at this point in time. When we have further news we will display it on the this server." The COS was supposed to be a small, modern, and powerful OS that met military encryption standards and would run standard Macintosh applications. People must be hungry for alternatives if an entire community can be so willingly hoodwinked.

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