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14 April 1998

Macosrumors is, skeptically, reporting rumors that Apple has resurrected its secret plans to port the Mac OS to Intel hardware. Several years ago, a team of engineers from Apple and Novell ported system 7 to PC hardware, but the project died in infancy. Now rumor has it that the team is at it again, picking up where it left off. Our opinion? It's becoming increasingly clear that Rhapsody and the Mac OS, despite what marketing claims, are rapidly becoming one. The yellow box will soon be the Mac OS development platform, and the Mac OS has already started being imbued with Rhapsody features. Intel compatibility is one Rhapsody feature that could launch the Mac OS into a new era. We'll see.

The Open Group, an industry standards body, will be announcing a standard for network computers that is expected to be supported by IBM, Sun Microsystems, and other vendors. ONC 1.0, the "Open Network Computer" brand, will assure standards like Java 1.1, HTML 3.2, and SMTP email. Version 2.0 of the standard, due later will address interoperability standards.

An Internet World article throws skepticism on the idea that free software like FreeBSD, Linux, and now Netscape could pose a threat to Microsoft, because in the corporate world price is not the issue - perceived stability of the company is. The article brings out some interesting points, like how low cost Unix servers don't sell as well as high priced ones do, even though performance my be comparable, but it's pretty short and doesn't go into much detail. Judge for yourself.

A Wired News article covers the latest events in the story of a small Newton developer who wants to buy the Newton Technology from Apple. A Newton Underground editorial convincingly asserts that Apple won't sell the Newton technology and couldn't even if it wanted to. One reason: it doesn't even know where the "Newton Technology" is.

Silicon Graphics has announced that it will be re-working its business strategy and will be making some of those decisions public later today.

Hot on the tails of developing the world's fastest Java virtual machine, Novell today announced that it has beaten the speed record for single-processor Web servers measured by the industry-standard SPECweb96 benchmark.

The Windows 98 upgrade will cost $109 and is scheduled for release June 25.

Jesse Berst's Anchordesk column criticises Mircosoft with this quote, "Microsoft used to stand for hard work, innovation and brilliant product marketing. More and more, it's coming to stand for whining, stubbornness and holier-than-thou inflexibility." Well, he's half right.

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