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14 January 1998

I'm not sure how an announcement of an announcement ever became news, but this is Java, for goodness sakes. Sun Microsystems announced that they will be announcing a huge announcement of their new partner, and it will be huge. This big event will take place next week.

The OJ of the high tech world, Microsoft, is back in court, and they're wrangling over the contempt charges.

Regarding the recent media fervor over Microsoft and Sun's deals with TCI cable, a Reuters article examines the evidence and determines that it will be years before the cable industry is able to make a big splash with set top boxes.

Red Hat is proud to announce that digital effects wizards used its Linux distribution for some of the effects in the movie Titanic, and now for at least ten commercials which will be viewed during the Superbowl. According to Digital Domain's Daryll Strauss, "We had several Alpha systems running on other operating systems, but they kept crashing down," said Strauss. "So we partitioned the hard drive and put Red Hat Linux on the Alphas, and our Linux boxes were more productive and we got more out of them."

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