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14 July 1998

A Slashdot article covers the necessity to push Solaris (or any Unix) as a desktop platform. People assume that what makes a good workstation also makes a good server, but with the NT assault, people are becoming comfortable with NT as a workstation so they may be tempted to implement it as a server because they know it. If Unix can make a strong showing in the workstation market, it will also help the server market, according to the article.

A Rhapnet editorial marks the return of the Rhapnet site and covers a changing focus as Apple re-dubs Rhapsody Mac OS X.

An Interactive Week article covers Netscape's surprise at the overwhelming success of its source code giveaway so far. They noted that the number of downloads per platform matched the marketshare of the different platforms. In other words, the traditional Unix hacker did not dominate the source download. Many Windows developers joined in the fun.

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