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15 July 1998

It's funny how trendy it's become to hate Microsoft. The sensationalistic InfoWorld headline reads: "Windows 98 disables Microsoft competitors' software." OS News readers know that we're the last ones to defend the Evil Empire, but in the spirit of impartial journalism: the new Version Conflict Manager "accidentally" replaces newer dlls that some applications have installed with older ones at the time of installing Win98. A control panel allows the user to change them back after installing the new OS. It's really not as bad as it sounds, folks.

An Infoworld article covers yesterday's Linux pep rally in Santa Clara, CA. Panelists stressed important points dealing with the future of the upstart OS, such as: avoiding the Unix schism by insuring that applications run across all versions of Linux, alleviating fears that Linux is a non-commercial, unsupported operating system, and fast-tracking Merced support.

A TechWeb article covers Microsoft's attempts at masking Windows CE a contender for the embedded applications market.

Wired News is covering the release of Kaffe OpenVM, an open source version of Java. Kaffe is "meant to be a full replacement for Sun's own Java Development Kit (JDK), free of Sun's licensing fees." In response, Sun claims that it always anticipated that clones would be developed, and that they're fine with it, especially considering that the clones will have to comply with specifications as they're developed, leaving them "one step behind."

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