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15 November 1997

Netscape has released version 4.04 of its Communicator software. However, reports the "steaming cup" Java logo has been removed from the "About" page since the browser is not fully compliant with Java 1.1. Communicator as well as the stand-alone Navigator browser remain compatible with JDK (Java Development Kit) 1.02. JDK 1.1 has been available since February and Microsoft is quick to point out what they belive is a double standard--Netscape is dragging its feet in adopting the latest versions of Java, yet Sun isn't threatening them with a lawsuit. Microsoft continues to use the Java symbol even though they are not Java compliant.

The New York Times has an article on Bill Gates' response to flurry of anti-Microsoft rhetoric going around Washington DC this month. Gates claims that his competitors are unable to compete and therefore turn to whatever means they can find to stifle his company.

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