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16 April 1998

A PC Week editorial points out what Java boosters have failed to point out in their fervor to promote the "write once, run anywhere" idea: optimizing the operating system for Java is better than slapping a VM on top of an OS. The problem? No more interoperability.

A Computer Shopper article covers the rush by OS makers to license their products to mobile phone manufacturers. 3com announced that Qualcomm will be licensing the Palm Pilot OS for their phones, while Nokia has used the Geos OS in their 9000 phone for over a year. Samsung and Siemens will be using Windows CE, while Lucent is looking to promote its Inferno network operating system for phones.

A Computer Reseller News article covers Netscape's Mark Andreessen's pledge to support Linux, and covers movements in the industry to rally behind Linux as a true alternative to Microsoft's Windows NT.

A Techweb article reports on a study that estimates that within four years Unix will still be alive and well but will have been reduced to four variants: Digital Unix, SCO, Solaris, and HP-UX. If they didn't leave out free variants like Linux and FreeBSD on purpose, there's a real flaw in the study, though.

TRG annouced an 8 Meg RAM upgrade for the Palm Pilot.

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