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16 December 1997

Netscape hinted that it may be considering giving its Navigator web browser away for free in order to prevent any more loss of market share to Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Stand-alone browsers only account for 18% of Netscape's revenue, down from 70% two years ago. Netscape also talked about the need to capitalize on Microsoft's Department of Justice woes. [ZDNet]

Due to a hard drive problem, (human error) we lost several days worth of reader email, so if you have sent something to OS News recently, we would appreciate it if you would re-send it.

Microsoft released the third beta of the Windows 98 operating system. They claim that it is on schedule for release Q2 of next year, though some are skeptical that Microsoft will meet their release goal. According to Macosrumors, while demonstrating Win 98 at Internet World in New York, demonstrators kept two machines running, so that when one crashed (every few minutes), they could smoothly direct the audience's attention to the other machine while the first rebooted.

The US Department of Justice thinks that Microsoft is trying to weasel its way out of complying with the recent court order to allow OEMs to eliminate IE from Win 95 installs.

News.com asks Can Java Live Up to the Hype? Sun is claiming that its newest HotSpot virtual machine technology will run Java apps as fast as compiled C++ systems.

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