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16 February 1998

An Info World article reports on Be's presence at Software Development '98 in San Francisco. They, of course, were demonstrating the Intel version of the OS. The article goes into a little more detail about where's the Be OS is going to be targeted, and mentions that Intel has been very supportive of Be's efforts.

Info World also reports that IBM is releasing a new Fixpack and a new Java Virtual Machine for OS/2. This demonstrates that the company is at least somewhat interested in keeping the OS alive, if at least by extending its usefulness as a very competent Java platform.

James Gosling, creator of the Java language, spoke at Software Development '98 and Wired News reports on his retrospective of the short but bright history of Java. Says Gosling, "It was more a matter of entertainment than of creating a product. I never thought I'd be impacting anyone's product plans."

Red Herring has a gratifying article entitled Why Microsoft is Vulnerable, which goes into detail about how microsoft attained its dominance, and about its prospects of reaching its lofty goal of controlling the internet. They don't think MS is going to be able to pull it off. Proof: despite huge sales, NT's installed base is one fifth that of Unix, even after giving away Internet Explorer and essentially forcing people to use it, Netscape's browser is more popular, and MS's attempt to hijack Java will never work. Now that's a refreshing thing to hear from a "mainstream" technology magazine.

News.com is reporting on Sun Microsysytems putting the pressure on its JavaSoft divison to actually make a profit.

ZD Net's Anchordesk asks "Could you get fired for choosing Linux?" Noting the upstart platform's technical merit and success, many companies are choosing Linux over commercial versions of Unix or Windows NT, but without a sales rep to blame, it could be the risky choice from an "ass on the line" perspective, notes the article.

The Anchordesk article includes links to several recent ZD Linux articles, like a detailed ZD Net article about Linux's birth and rise to acceptance.

MacNN's Reality spoke with the creators of the InfiniteOS, a PowerPC-based OS in development that will run on existing Mac hardware.

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