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16 January 1998

The next Be OS release (PR3) will support PowerPC machines that have been upgraded to the G3 processor, but will not support Apple's latest G3 machines, due to the fact that Apple has not been willing to release hardware specs to Be.

Version 3.1 of the Amiga-based web browser, AWeb, has just been released. It supports Javascript 1.1, SSL connections, HTML 4.0, and keyboard configuring.

Omni Development, makers of the excellent OpenStep/Rhapsody web browser have released Omniweb 3.0 beta 4, for info on the changes, see the release notes.

Caffiene software has released PR4 of TIFFany, it powerful image editing software for Rhapsody.

RhapsodyOS.com is reporting several specifics about the latest Rhapsody release, which is in-house only at this time, including: It will cost more than MacOS but less than OpenStep (In the $200-250 range, perhaps?), the number of "NeXTisms" in the interface has been reduced, and it will be substantially faster.

Sun Microsystems recorded higher-than-expected profits this quarter.

15 January 1998

IBM, Sun, and Oracle are co-hosting a series meetings to set standards for Network Computers, and they've invited Microsoft to attend. The software giant is considering attending, but it does not have plans for an NC, according to other's definitions: "Microsoft's Windows Terminal, code-named Hydra, is not an NC according to the official definition established by The Open Group, which handles NC branding, because it does not run Java."

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