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17 August 1998

Our search for the low cost supercomputer continues. Project Appleseed clusters four G3 Powermacs together to create a supercomputer for making numerically intensive calculations at a fraction of the cost of a Cray.

Infoworld reviewed Caldera's NetWare for Linux. The review is pretty lukewarm, noting performance and feature shortcomings over other NetWare solutions. A PC Week review of the same product is more positive, but also notes feature omissions.

Windows NT 5.0 has entered its second beta, but don't be fooled - analysts note that a workable version is still far on the horizon.

As Bill Clinton prepares to testify concerning the Lewinsky scandal, his counterpart world leader in Redmond has set a good example for him: Bill Gates claims that Microsoft cooked up its web browser strategy two days before Netscape Communications was incorporated.

A PC Week article discusses how Novell, Microsoft, and Sun are racing to provide OS clustering functionality on the Intel platform, which would provide fail safe services via redundancy.

The osi++ counter is a program which attempts to determine the OS of a server by somehow analyzing packets sent and returned. You may be surprised at the results.

Linux Weekly News pointed out a fine article which verbalizes what many of use have noticed, that although the mainstream press has discovered Linux, it's not the technology behind it which makes it so remarkable (nor the fact that it's free) but it's the people behind it.

13 August 1998

There will be no OS News daily news update tomorrow. Look for new daily news on monday.

Today's Linux Weekly News discusses the formation of a new organization called the Open Source Initiative.

SGI's new Cray supercomputer uses 2,048 processors.

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