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17 February 1998

Stepwise has several new articles about Rhapsody, most notably an editorial about the recent hysteria surrounding erroneous rumors that Apple is going to scrap Rhapsody or relegate it to a server OS.

Stepwise also has an article about the Newton, a subject very close to my heart, as I just bought a MessagePad 2000 last week and I am currently loving it. Stay tuned for a gushy article about the wonderful Newton OS.

Speaking of Newton, since Newton, Inc was reabsorbed back into Apple the future of the division and its products has been fuzzy. Currently the buzz is that Apple hopes to replace the Newton OS with a light version of the next Mac OS. This would provide some kind of interoperability, which would be a definite plus, but the Newton OS has its own advantages which might or might not be integrated. Perhaps the biggest issue is for current Newton users and developers who have substanital investments in the current platform. Both Thessasource and the Newton Underground have reports speculating on the future of the Newton.

One thing we do know, the MessagePad 2100's price has been reduced to $799 and is available for as little as $755.

Info World has a review of Apache for Windows NT.

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