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17 March 1998

An LA Times article talks about the uphill battle that alternative operating systems face if they try to displace Windows, and highlights several contenders, including Linux and Be.

Bill Gates announced that Microsoft will be doubling its research and development budget and will be spending big bucks developing better speech recognition technology which could make the voice activated interface a reality.

TechWeb covers Novell's ramping up for a comeback. Netware 5.0, with native support for TCP/IP and integrated Java support is in its final beta.

A pithy Red Herring article offers an insider's view of the operating system wars, with some though provoking analogies at the end.

Just for a little gloat time, a Linux Weekly News reader put together a cost analysis for setting up a 100 user office network for Windows NT versus Linux. The bottom line: NT - $62,360.00, Linux - $219.00. The analysis assumes the same hardware.

Speaking of Linux, Red Hat's newly revised white paper estimates that there are between 5,000,000 and 10,500,000 active Linux users.

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