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18 August 1998

Peter Sichel has written an examination of BSD networking versus STREAMS. Apple has caused some controversy among its developers by announcing that Mac OS X will use BSD Networking instead of STREAMS, which powers its current networking, Open Transport. Sichel believes that choosing BSD was a mistake.

A Lan Times article explains how the high tech world's growing disillusionment with Windows NT is being fed by the growing leginimacy of Linux. Many IS managers are overtly or covertly implementing Linux and scrapping NT systems. And as Linux grows in popularity, installed base, and application support, many of these shops may be able to eliminate NT in all of the applications to which NT is not well suited.

BSDI released the BSDI Internet Super Server 4.0, a package containing the operating system, services and tools for Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and corporate Intranets.

Sun Microsystems has announced that its recently rolled out program to license the Solaris OS free for non-commercial use has been a tremendous success in their eyes. Over 10,000 people requested free Solaris the first week.

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