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18 June 1998

Macnn Reality speculates that although Apple has officially announced that its upcoming Mac OS X will only be "certified" for G3 machines, all the of the hardware that will currently run Rhapsody, including a wide range of 604 and 603-based hardware, will run Mac OS X. G3-upgraded machines such as the 8500 and 9500 should run Mac OS X very well, though they will probably not be officially supported by Apple to do so.

In a "Linux vs NT" public forum at the 35th Design Automation Conference, Linux advocates "let loose," according to a TechWeb story. Though Linux is not much of a player in EDA (electronic design automation), its notoriety of late and the threat of wholesale movement to NT has brought it into the spotlight of late. If this forum is any indication, it may make some inroads.

Several companies at PC Expo were demonstrating voice recognition technology. 1999 may finally be the year that speech truly becomes part of the user interface.

In a huge boost for open source software, IBM has declared Apache its preferred web server, and will both bundle and support Apache along with its server hardware and software. Apache, with a market share larger than Microsoft's IIS, may be a powerful instrument in Big Blue's fight against Microsoft.

Wired News is reporting on a Dataquest report claiming that by 1999 Microsoft will have 95% of the OS market, up from the current 91%.

17 June 1998

A Slashdot.org feature covers the ins and outs of installing an alternative operating system on your PC. You may be surprised.

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