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18 March 1998

Speculation time again. MacOSRumors is reporting that Apple's Rhapsody is changing into something not quite unexpected: a server OS. However, supposedly Rhapsody's technology will be folded into the current Mac OS, thus providing complete backwards compatibility for Macintosh users, not unlike the transition from 680x0 chips to PowerPC chips. In other words, the Blue Box and the Yellow Box will become one. Allegro, the next major Mac OS, should begin incorporating some yellow box elements. MacOSRumors did not ofter any explanation on what that means for Intel users or the for the fate of the mythical Red box. Anyone have any ideas?

The FBI has changed its strategy for assuring that it has access to encrypted data. Rather than legislating that capability through unpopular and high profile laws, it is trying to maneuver concessions from manufacturers that would allow the same capability.

PC Week Labs takes a quick look at the promises and the reality of the Java Virtual Machine. In short, Java is a great language, but its "write once, run anywhere" capability is determined by the quality of the JVM.

The US Department of Justice will be expanding its Microsoft antitrust probe to include more investigation into its dealing with Sun Microsystems and Java.

On a similar note, Microsoft will be dramatically increasing its lobbying presence and expenditure in Washington.

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