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18 May 1998

The most exciting news of the week could be all the goings-on in the Amiga world. CU Amiga Magazine covers the Amiga Inc./Gateway announcement that they will "release a new, open specification hardware platform in about 18 months time. Based on an entirely integrated CPU, ultra fast RAM access and multimedia processor system, the promise is that the new Amiga will be streets ahead of the opposition - according to Jeff Schindler, the new Amiga will be easily five times as fast as current Pentium 2 systems." Amiga.com should be a good source for more info. There's also a news.com article.

On the other hand, an OS News reader comments, "Amiga international today announced that availible in November will be AmigaOS 4.0 which will be compatible with x86 archetecture. So much for the custum chipset and the architecture that made the Amiga what it was. The OS was very solid, but it was never exceptional, the hardware was. The name Amiga may have gone to Gateway, but it's spirit went to Phase5. It's to bad gateway is using Amiga's name to try to push their hardware.

Opera Software, maker of the ultra-fast Opera web browser, has expanded its "project magic" project to Amiga, and will begin development of its product for Amiga OS.

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C|net Radio covers the ongoing "Project Heresy" wherein brave volunteers attempt to survive in a Microsoft world using only non-Microsoft operating systems like Linux. The web site promises a look into Be OS as well. You'll have to have the patience to listen to the program to get the full story.

If you're interested in the broken-down Windows 98 talks, CNNfn's coverage is comprehensive.

A recent RhapNet editorial has an optimistic perspective on what Apple's Mac OS X means for Rhapsody.

The Open Group will release its Unix 98 specification at UniForum Spring '98 next week in Ocean City, Md. Unix 98 is an "incrimental" improvement on Unix 95, which seeks greater "functionality, compatibility, ease of use, and business value for Unix." It's not a move toward a single Unix operating system, but rather agreement on standard to make development on Unix easier.

A Stepwise article covers what Apple's new Carbon development environment (which is an important part of Mac OS X) means to Rhapsody's Yellow Box development environment. The article claims that, despite some people's complaints, Carbon will be good for the Yellow box, even though it's sure to slow adoption for some developers.

Are you interested in Rhapsody DR2, which was just released last week? Stepwise has a sneak peek, which screenshots that were authorized by Apple, so they, unlike some screenshots, will probably not be yanked after a mean email from lawyers.

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