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18 November 1997

PC Week reports that Sun has finally wooed ISO into approving Java after eight months. This begins to set Java as an international standard rather than a "de facto" environment. ZDNet also covered the story.

Speaking of standards, Bjarne Stroustrup touted the C++ as a programming standard in a press release.

MacWeek has a preview of Las Vegas' Comdex show which is happening this week.

Apple is making life difficult for Be, Inc., according to Lane Becker, who sent the following to Macintouch from a Be presentation in Austin:

"According to the presenters, Steve Jobs is making it rather difficult for Be to run on the new G3s (won't provide any of the necessary hardware specs), and they didn't seem too confident that Be would be able to do so anytime soon (although one presenter added that, if given the opportunity, Be would support Mac hardware for as long as possible. He didn't seem too worried, however; they appear to be more than happy to move completely over to Intel.)"

The latest Cingely column asserts that Windows 98 is gearing up to further monopolize computer operating systems and the internet. He cites the routing of internet searches through Microsoft's sites and the ample supply of corporation adverting built into the OS. A must read.

Yesterday at Comdex, Microsoft announced that Windows NT 5 has been pushed back to a late 1998 (read: mid-1999) release. has the full story. Despite this announcement, Bill Gates had plenty of praise for his company during his Comdex keynote speech.

Another PC Week article also describes programmers' frustrations with Microsoft's AFCs (Application Foundation Classes), which are supposed to be a cross platform alternative to Sun's JFCs (Java Foundation Classes). However, certain AFCs will only run on the Java Virtual Machine provided with Microsoft's Internet Explorer.

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