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Anchordesk has a short article about the cheapest and most popular web server, Apache. Netscape and Microsoft will both insist that their web server is most widely used, but they can't deny it when confronted: Apache serves more web sites than any other, and it's free and it runs on UNIX, Limux, OS/2, Rhapsody, Amiga, and other OSes. (Though an NT version is being developed).

Sun Microsystems made big news recently when it announced, like HP and Digital had before, that it will be porting its UNIX OS, Solaris to Intel's planned 64 bit chip, Merced. Now there is speculation that Apple's soon to be released Rhapsody OS may also be ported to Merced. Apple is the last bastion of the PowerPC platform, and many are skeptical of Intel's claims about Merced's future power, but compatibility with Merced hardware could be important for Rhapsody's future.

The Age is reporting on the still-persistent rumors that Oracle and Apple will be teaming up to produce low cost network computers. Though expected to announce this partnership at the November tenth "event" which turned out to be much shorter than planned, Apple and Oracle have been hush hush about their NC plans.

Silicon Graphics and Microsoft announced that they will be collaborating on a 3D technology to compete with Apple's Quickdraw 3D technology. This is in addition to the announcement that SGI will produce workstations running the Windows NT operating system.

On a purely speculatory, but nevertheless fun, note, Reality published a report that suggests that Microsoft might be in the market to acquire Rhapsody or Be OS as a hedge against a failing Windows 98 project.

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