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19 February 1998

Recent news about a takeover attempt of Computer Sciences, one of the last high tech consulting and outsourcing companies that is not owned or controlled by a manufacturer, brings up some questions. If all the firms that big business pays to make the high spending decistions owes allegiance to one manufacturer or another, where will one turn for nonbiased advice? With all the stories of companies inexplicably switching from their tried and true Unix, OS/2, or Mac-based infrastructure to Wintel, how much of this is affected by consultants who have a lot to gain by recommending their parent company's products in one way or another? A Techserver Article goes into more detail.

A New Republic article from January asks, "Is Microsoft-bashing good for you?" and talks about the almost universal hostility toward Microsoft and Bill Gates among the technological elite.

PC Week has more information on IBM's Java supercharged OS/2 Warp plan, which they hope will bring new life to the platform.

Plenium will be offering a java application called NetDesk which allows NC-like functionality - a self contained GUI that will appear consistent across whatever platform you run it on.

A Red Herring article claims that the day of the PC will soon be over, as so-called information appliances grow in functionality and popularity, and network operating systems like Java and Inferno become the more important technology.

A Sydney Morning Herald article reports that Lotus and several other companies have announced plans to port their applications to Rhapsody, and that the Apple/Oracle NC should be released this summer. Due to Apple's newfound tight-lip policy, no ballyhoo will be made of these facts until they relate to a shipping product.

MacNN's Reality is reporting a rumor that Be's printing architecture (alas, you can still not print from the Be OS) is in jeopardy following the departure of Mark Alstine, a former Apple printer driver developer.

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