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19 January 1998

According to Wired News, Microsoft has been forcing (or perhaps simply urging) the companies that it has purchased, including Hotmail and Inktomi, to trash their Apache/UNIX servers for Windows NT ones. This invites a lot of skepticism from those people who are doubtful that NT can handle the burden in really demanding applications. Not to mention the headache of taking a working UNIX-based system and replacing it with NT.

According to ZDnet, TCI's much-touted set top boxes will probably not have "Intel inside." The Intel offering is neither powerful nor inexpensive enough for the hardware envisioned. The more likely suppliers would be LSI Logic Corp., Texas Instruments Inc. or VLSI Technology Inc.

Salon Magazine joins the rest of the media in sucker-punching Microsoft, and taking a swing at the rest of the computer industry. Its gripe: the arrogant attitude that the high tech companies have toward their customers. Microsoft told a federal Judge that Windows 95 would break if he removed Internet Explorer, and now they're surprized that they've been called on it. Well, duh.

While all the hype surrounds TCI's set top box scheme, Time Warner Cable and Comcast are much farther along to being able to bring one to market. By the way, these won't have Intel inside either. They're powered by a low cost MicroSparc processor and an OS from PowerTV. Interestingly, this article predicts that TCI will choose Intel.

MacNN's Reality has a report on the future Apple NCs. From the specs, this is a pretty powerful machine, and with a Hard Drive installed, it will be a small, not-so-expandible workstation (at under $1000) with DVD-ROM, Firewire, and a 17" monitor included. It will run MacOS Apps, and should include full integration with Oracle business applications.

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