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19 November 1997

Infoseek reports that Apple's sales of Mac OS 8 have made its operating system the #1 selling OS this quarter, beating out Windows 95 by capturing 35.1% of the market. Windows 95, however, continues to sell well despite being introduced two years ago.

Apple released the Blue Box Developer Release 1 as a supplemental CD to the Rhapsody DR1. The Blue Box, for those just gearing up on the Rhapsody jargon, is a Mac OS 8 environment within Rhapsody that can run within a Rhapsody window or in a full-screen mode. Apple also released a DR1 of Yellow Box for Windows which let's users run the Yellow Box portion of Rhapsody within Windows 95.

Mac OS Rumors (running on a temporary server) had more news about Omega's elusive COS (Cryptic Operating System). They apologize for the delay but insist that their product will be released as soon as possible. The rational for not providing screen shots during development actually makes sense, says Mac OS Rumors, since it prevents Apple from slapping them with a lawsuit before their product even gets out.

On a similar note, MacWeek reports the circulating screen shots of the COS are fake.

Sun Microsystems delayed the release of JavaStation, their Java-based Network Computer.

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