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1 April 1998

Microsoft announced today that they will acquire Red Hat Linux in a deal valued at $220 Million. A Microsoft spokesperson said, "We have faith that free Unix is the wave of the future for mission-critical business applications, and we know that with our clout we can foist it on just about everybody, essentially wiping out Sun, Digital, HP and SGI." When asked about their Windows NT strategy, he said, "Well, NT is a good product, but, come on, you wouldn't want your career to depend on its stability would you?"

Speaking of mission-critical applications, the Chicago Board of Trade, the world's largest futures trading market, experienced a computer failure that shut down trading on wednesday. As our economy and safety depend more and more on technology, computer systems must become more robust or we face disastrous consequences.

To better compete with lower cost Intel-based workstations, Hewlett Packard will cut its workstation prices by up to 37%.

Xi Graphics, Inc., announced the release of the Accelerated-X Display Server which includes the premier API from Silicon Graphics. The 3D Accelerated-X(TM) Display Server enables users to display 3D graphics using Linux or FreeBSD on an Intel PC. The new product combines Xi Graphics' X server with Silicon Graphics' OpenGL v1.1, and allows interoperability across a network of Alpha, SPARC, Intel, and other types of hardware platforms. "This product represents a further step in bringing truly three-dimensional graphics to the Linux market," comments Andrew Bergin, National Sales Manager for Xi Graphics. "Our Accelerated-X Display Server and OpenGL combine seamlessly to create a world-class graphical product for Linux."

After reporting the day before that Sun and IBM may not come to an agreement on the JavaOS for Business, PC Week is reporting that the deal will go through after all.

The hottest new technology on the NC front is the InterPet NC. Be sure to see the photo at the bottom of the screen when you follow this link.

Fred Moody, from ABC News, is predicting that Microsoft will soon break itself up into several seperate companies.

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