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1 December 1997

PC Week reports that Microsoft is now retracting its plans to include full support for its Zero Administration Windows technology in Windows 98. This technology, such as Intellimirror, which displays a user's data on the server for administration purposes, has been delayed in its inclusion into the Windows NT 5.0 beta release, and will most likely not make it into Windows 98 at all. This news has sent shivers through businesses who hoped to deploy mixed Windows NT/Windows 98 networks soon, and now fear that Microsoft's promises may not come to fruition.

In some thorough but not completely rigorous testing, some Macosrumors readers discovered that the Microsoft IIS server software consistently replies to requests from Internet Explorer browsers before Netscape Navigator. When tried with the Apache web server (freeware), requests were answered equally. Is this a coincidence? Read about this and other alleged MS anticompetitive practices at Macosrumors.

For those of you following the COS OS from Omega, which many people now believe does not exist, MacNN posted an interesting note:

A note from "Jedi5000" also reveals that COS, the name of the allegedly Mac OS-compatible operating system by Omega, was also the center of an X-Files Episode titled "'The Ghost in the Machine', about an advanced operating system called the COS,that has a superior AI [Artificial Intelligence] that is evil." Reality also has some reader notes regarding the operating system.

In a MacWeek Insider, Matthew Rothenberg praises Rhapsody's Postscript implementation, calling it a natural prepress environment. Another article reports prepress networking vendor Xinet Inc. is tuning its Unix-based FullPress OPI server package to play on Rhapsody for Macintosh.

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