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1 June 1998

Despite rumors that the Federal Trade Commission might pursue an antitrust suit against Intel, an FTC hotline declares that there will be no meeting to file the suit this week. Intel, with Microsoft, has a stranglehold on the PC market and many believe that it is a prime candidate for such a suit.

Intel has also reported that it's next generation chip, Merced, will be delayed until mid 2000. However, few expected the chip in 1999 anyway. With the hype surrounding the Merced chip and the damage that it's already done to other high-end microprocessor manufacturers like Sun, SGI, and IBM, the 1999 date could very well have simply been a strategic ploy commonly known as vaporware. (Ironically one of the practices that the US government is coming down on Microsoft for)

A Computer Reseller News article covers Linux' growing acceptance and Corel's increasing support for the operating system.

Slashdot.org is reporting that Palm Computing is making ROMs for the Palm Pilot free, making it easier for developers and hobbyists who want to work on Palm OS emulators.

Hiawatha Bray, from the Boston Globe, will be documenting his test of a world without Microsoft. He will be outfitting his PC with Linux and a quiver of non-MS software and reporting to a shocked world that he neither died, went crazy, or was fired from his job.

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