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1 May 1998

A Information Week article covers some of Be OS' technical merits.

According to the Disney Daily Blast web site, you must be using the "latest technology" to view their content. Ironically, their interpretation of "latest technology" means Windows. Mac and Unix browsers are blocked from accessing the site, but if you hack your browser and make the site think it is a Windows version, you can view the site perfectly.

RhapNet has a sneak peek at the Rhapsody DR2. It's a huge improvement over the first developer release, and supports install and boot-up from within the Mac OS. The install is reportedly almost as easy as the Mac OS, and even includes a setup wizard.

Be OS DR 3 for PowerPC processors was released yesterday. It includes support for Powermac hardware upgraded to G3 processors but not Apple's new G3 hardware. See our article on the Be/G3 issue.

ICentral, creators of ShopSite, Unix and NT server-based software for internet commerce, was acquired by Open Market, makers of high end ecommerce software.

Microsoft keeps creating new monopolies. As NetChannel, WebTV's only competition, calls it quits and decides to refund people's money, Microsoft is left as the only player in the arena. The NetChannel box run's Oracle's network computer operating system, and was the only consumer device so far to do so.

According to Slashdot.org, Intel will assist in porting Linux to the 64 bit Merced chip, despite the fact that Intel announced that development for the platform could only be done under NDA, which cast doubt on the Linux-on-Merced future.

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