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1 September 1998

A Macintouch report describes what one reader called a Macintosh version of Back Orifice.

A Computer Bits article, launching off of the recent media hysteria over Linux, explores the parallel universe of Free BSD variants. It lays out the essential differences between the BSDs and Linux, explains where they came from, and give a little background on each: FreeBSD, Open BSD, and NetBSD.

An Infoworld article details the complexities of Sun's lawsuit against Microsoft over Java. Some poor judge had to listen to each side explain all the technical and legal mumbo jumbo regarding the alleged violation of the Java license by Microsoft.

A journalist finally tells the truth about those "bargain" PCs. After being subjected to propoganda about this wonderful new era of low cost computers, someone finally noticed that these low cost computers are the same as the used computers that people are discarding for new, faster PCs. If you want the latest greatest, you have to pay about the same as you payed for the last latest greatest computer you bought.

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