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20 April 1998

After a long respite, the OS News feature articles are back. This week's feature is about the OpenVMS Hobbyist Licensing Program. You can purchase an old VAX at a surplus sale for as little as $10 (or free) and license Digital's robust operating system for free. The result is an excellent server for the tinkerer or small business.

A Feed Magazine article recognizes that, as the technology world grows wary of one company's dominance over the desktop operating system world, we should have a clear vision of what we want the alternative to be, and covers the primary contenders. The author asks three of "Microsoft's most thoughtful critics" to make their recommendations.

Is the secrecy making you crazy? Would you like to get a peek at Apple's OS strategy but you can't wait for the announcements that have been promised at their upcoming WWDC? Then take a look at the WWDC schedule which is now conveniently posted for your viewing pleasure. It's all there in black and white.

It looks like Microsoft's antics are reaching even more alarming levels. The company is now paying university educators to plug its products in a classroom setting. A Chronicle of Higher Education special report covers this and other issues related to Microsoft courting the universities.

A Gartner Group study debunks the myth that Windows NT is overtaking Unix. Their results are not surprizing: many people are buying and installing NT, but are using them alongside Unix. NT is being used to replace older, non-Unix systems in many cases. Also, Linux is being used by 14% of the sites surveyed for the study

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