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20 January 1998

Microsoft will likely refuse tech support for Windows NT users install Novell's Novell Directory Services (NDS) for NT, due to the fact that NDS replaces NT libraries. According to Infoworld, "Users with mixed NetWare-NT environments must either run different directories on each operating system, or install NDS for NT and hope that NT technical support is never needed." Could this have to do with the fact that Microsoft's upcoming Active Directory software will compete with NDS? You make the call.

Apple Computer has released Mac OS 8.1 as a free downloadable upgrade, but good luck downloading it. Every available download site is bogged down. One of the main features of the new version is support for the HFS+ file system, which allows for a much smaller minimum file size, making this release well suited for today's huge hard drives.

A ZDnet editorial points out that just because more patches for software and OSes are released these days doesn't mean that quality is lower. It could mean that service is improving, and distribution via the internet makes more frequent updates possible. Nah.

The Windows NT 5.0 ship date seems to be slipping, but Microsoft reports that at least it's working on a 64 bit version.

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