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20 November 1997

Novell released a beta of it's upcoming network operating system, named Moab (a great place to mountain bike if you haven't been there). The Moab NOS will include native IP-based networking, protected memory, virtual memory, and a multiprocessing kernel with preemption. It also supports Java, ActiveX, DHCP, and DNS. At Comdex, Novell CEO Eric Schmidt vowed to make the company number one in networking, according to a ZDNet article.

Also at Comdex, Be, Inc.'s illustrious Jean-Louis Gassee showed off the Be OS running on a dual-processor Mac clone, a dual-processor Intel machine, and a Hitachi notebook (ZDNet).

A NY Times article covers the new anti-software piracy law (No Electronic Theft, or NET Act) which was recently passed by Congress. If signed the new law could slap anyone with more than 10 illegal copies of software with a five year prison sentence or a $250,000 fine.

Now if you'll excuse is, we need to go reformat our hard drives...

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