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21 April 1998

A Windows 98 demo went badly for Bill Gates yesterday at Comdex. The operating system crashed after a Microsoft Employee plugged a scanner into the computer. [CNN]

On a similar note, Microsoft is in court today appealing the decision which forbids Microsoft from labelling Internet Explorer as an integral part of the Windows OS. The forty minute hearing could very well spark the reopening of this issue. We'll post news on the decision when it comes out. Read more in PC Week.

Microsoft's web site encourages user to upgrade to Windows NT 4.0, which they admit isn't Year-2000-Compliant (anyone else sick of this subject yet?). They then expect users to upgrade to NT 5.0 sometime in 1999 before the Y2K armageddon. Pretty slick way to ensure users will upgrade, eh? [RhapNet]

PC Week published a comparison of the new Macintosh G3 300 mhz system, which they claim is faster than the 400 Mhz Pentium II system they tested. The problem: the Pentium system costs $1700 less than the G3 system and for that extra cash you could get a dual processor Pentium that would beat out the G3. Ironically, this G3 system is the first G3 Apple has offered which finally allows Apple to catch back up with where clone manufacters Umax and Power Computing were last August before Apple pulled the plug on clones.

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