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21 August 1998

Macosrumors has published some evidence that suggests that the iMac is at least a close cousin to the once-announced Mac NC, if not a reincarnation of it. It apparently will support net booting. So is the Mac NC dead or just hiding until the world is ready.

Results of an exit survey done by ComputerWare, an Apple reseller, are quite interesting, and give us an idea if there's room in the consumer space for a non-Wintel platform.

  • nearly 15 percent were buying the very first computer
  • among those who bought an iMac to replace an existing computer, 13 percent said they were replacing a Wintel-compatible computer

PC Week tested two programs designed to countermand the Back Orifice cracker program and found them both extremely lacking. Back Orifice exploits security weaknesses in Windows.

Andrew Stone's latest Stone's Throw editorial tries to clear up some lingering confusion about Mac OS X Server.

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