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21 January 1998

Mac Central's report on the Apple Financial Results conference reveals that Apple plans to do a Customer Release (CR1) of Rhapsody, rather than the previously planned Premiere and Unified releases. It also confirms that Apple is no longer touting Rhapsody as a replacement for the Mac OS, but as a high end OS for servers and workstations.

In more Rhapsody news, Macosrumors has some insight on the possibility of a "red box" Windows compatibility application for Rhapsody on Intel. Insignia Solutions, makers of the SoftWindows products, already ported its product to NextStep years ago, so they are a likely contender for the product. Whether Windows would run natively in a window, though, we don't know.

Though it's a little short on substance, Tao released information about its upcoming operating system. It's intriguing.

The Saint Petersburg Times urged its readers to consider its options when choosing an operating system, and gave a quick run down of the major offerings.

IBM will be replacing its (currently shipping) NCOS operating system for its network computers with Java OS. It's also teaming with Citrix to offer Windows capability on its Java OS-based thin clients, bypassing Microsoft's planned Hydra multi-user technology.

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