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21 May 1998

If anyone thinks the Amiga is a dead operating system, they should take a look at the controversy that arose following the big Gateway/Amiga announcement and the prelimiary reports on it at OS News. We've posted a few of the letters here for all to read. If you want to know what's reeally happening with the Amiga, look there.

In a bitter and sadly truthful Chicago Tirbune article, James Coates remarks that with Windows 98, Microsoft finally culminates a task that it began long ago -- completely copying the Macintosh. With USB (the heir to Apple's ADB), dual monitor support, video capability, and improved developer resources, Microsoft's job is almost done. Fortunately for Apple, Microsoft is close on a feature for feature basis, but implementation of those features still pales in comparison.

For a full rebuttal, see the MacKiDo article by David Every. Most notably, Coates' sensationalistic claim that Windows 98 is the "ultimate Macintosh" is deconstructed handily.

Linux PPC, one of the several versions for Linux on PowerPC hardware, is now available for Apple's new G3 machines, including the powerbook. (Yet again the fastest laptop available),

A Computer Reseller News article takes a look at Linux from the point of view of manufacturers and other vendors that might want to offer their customers a choice of operating systems.

An Upside article tries to make sense of the post-Apple developer conference feelings of confusion over exactly what happened to Rhapsody. In a nutshell: "Rhapsody is dead, long live Rhapsody!" In short, Mac OS X is truly a melding of the two OSes, keeping the best of both. The only thing that's been dropped is the confusing old OS strategy that Apple outlined when it first purchased NeXT.

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