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The Department of Justice is infuriated with Microsoft's response to the injunction which ordered an offering of an Internet Explorer-free Windows 95. Microsoft offered three options: take Windows 95 as is with Explorer, use a stripped down Windows 95 which doesn't work, or use a two year old version of Windows which doesn't support larger hard disks and has all the bugs contained in the first release. According to the Washington Post, U.S. District Judge Thomas Jackson spend 90 seconds and deinstalled Explorer himself which did not incapacitate the operating system. Microsoft retorts that the uninstall process only removes three percent of Internet Explorer's files and that Microsoft is only attempting to comply by the court's ruling by removing all files associated with Internet Explorer.

Time Magazine named Intel Chairman Andrew Grove as the "Man of the Year". Intel currently makes 90% of the world's microprocessors. [USA Today]

The world is finally catching up to what the geeks have known all along. Computer games don't turn your brain into mush--they actually help improve cognitive and motor skills, says The New York Times.

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