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22 January 1998

Macosrumors has more information on the "Red Box" for Rhapsody. It appears that only a few components will need to be emulated, while Windows95 should run mostly natively inside Rhapsody. Apparently at least one company is already developing it. A Windows95 emulator for the PPC version of Rhapsody is also underway. Also on Macosrumors, a reader reports that he was able to get Mac OS 8.1 running in the Blue Box, and that it ran very fast.

Netscape has seen the handwriting on the wall, and has decided to confront Microsoft head on by giving away its Navigator web browser for free (and not just de facto free like it has been all these years). Much more exciting, though, is the fact that they will be releasing the source code for Communicator 5.0 to independent developers. Maybe the developer community can do for Navigator what they have done for Linux. We can only hope.

According to reader John Chandler, a UK company, HiQ, have announced they will be porting the AmigaOS to the Alpha processor and will produce Alpha Amiga hardware in conjunction with Index Information. The project will be running in parallel with existing Alpha-based developments by Siamese, who have already combined Amiga and Alpha (NT) systems. The one question is how much of a future the hardware has, now that Intel own the Alpha.

I know you're sick of it, so I'm not going to even talk about Microsoft's partial settlement in the antitrust suit. By the way, Microsoft announced record quarterly profits.

One last thing. Microsoft is the "biggest believer in competition."

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