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22 May 1998

Despite all the hubbub last year over Apple cancelling licensing its OS to cloners, nobody, including UMAX, made any money from it. In fact, UMAX just announced that they lost a bundle.

Speaking of Apple, there's an interview with Steve Jobs in Businessweek.

A Red Herring article asks, "What is Java?" It still has a lot of potential, but it's not a viable platform yet. It's not the do-everything tool that some people claimed it was, but it's been most successful working where other solutions fall short. The article takes a look at where Java is and where it's going.

Slashdot.org is reporting that Sun Microsystems is joining Linux International. Though they haven't announced any Products related specifically to Linux, they hope to not let the Linux wave pass them by without catching it.

OpenBSD 2.3 is now shipping. OpenBSD is a free, multi-platform 4.4BSD-based UNIX-like operating system, with emphasis on portability, standardization, correctness, security, and cryptography.

A Salon Magazine article tries to expose Transmeta, the ultra-secretive Silicon Valley startup where Linus Torvalds works. It is suspected that Transmeta is trying to do for hardware what Linux is doing for software - no less than a revolution, not to mention unseating Wintel.

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