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23 February 1998

Three companies: Index Information, Ltd, Bittersoft, and Phase 5 Digital Products, will be collaborating on the PowerPC-based Amiga clone called BoXer. A joint press release has more. The BoXer is it is a 100% Amiga compatible system designed to use off the shelf hardware like cases, power supplies, drives, and ISA cards.

Lucent published a Thin Client White Paper which discusses Inferno's distributed computing methods. It compares Inferno's method of distributed computing to other methods, such as CORBA

A Java port for the Amiga is now available.

According to Macintouch, Universities will be able to receive the Rhapsody OS and developer materials at no cost through the Apple Scholarship Program.

Caldera is releasing OpenLinux 1.2, a new version of their business-oriented Linux distribution.

Microsoft Extreme is a Clockwork Orange-esque event wherein Windows 98 propoganda will be played at movie theatres around the country. We could not determine at press time whether Linux would be used to render the computer-generated optical effects showing a functional Windows 98 prototype.

Macosrumors is reporting on a hopeful rumor that Apple's Rhapsody project and MkLinux project (which has developed a microkernel version of Linux for Apple hardware) will be collaborating to allow interoperability between Linux and Rhapsody. Speculation is that Apple's Linux would be able to Run Rhapsody Apps or that possibly Rhapsody users would be able to draw upon the tremendous library of existing Linux applications.

Get ready for the the Linux Expo in May. Threepoint.com has posted a list of speakers and events.

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